THE BAKSHI Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Microbiology

We are a team of scientists and engineers interested in using experiments and modelling to examine and engineer microbes for fundamental and applied purposes. We collaborate with several other labs within the University of Cambridge and across the world to work on these problems together. Links to their websites and information about joining us are provided in the resource page. 


Somenath Bakshi (Google Scholar)

Assistant Professor (January 2019 - )

Postdoctoral research, Harvard University (September 2014 - Nov 2018)

PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison (December 2013)

Email:        Phone: +44 1223 3 32753

Tech Support

Narges Khadem Hosseini 

Narges is a Senior Technician in Biological laboratories. She provides technical support for the students.

Email:        Phone: +44 1223748509

Graduate Students

Georgeos Hardo

Georgeos is a 2nd year graduate student from the BBSRC program. He is exploring microbial dormancy and ageing, and the implications of these phenomenon in antibiotic tolerance and persistence. He uses high-throughput time-lapse imaging to study these processes, machine-learning approaches for image processing, and modelling to interpret the data. 

Personal website

Department website

Charlie Wedd

Charlie is a 1st year graduate student from the Sensor CDT program. Charlie is exploring how synthetic systems evolve. He is building new platforms and tools to study evolution of microbes at single cell and population level. 

Jake Gozdziewski

Jake is an MPhil student from the Biotechnology program. He is developing models to explore how microbes age and quantifying signatures of aging in model microbes (E. coli and B. subtilis) using timelapse fluorescence microscopy.  

Undergraduate Students

Rui Li - Deep-learning approaches for image processing

Roman Streslov - Computational fluid dynamics for microfluidics design optimisation

Francis Treherne Pollock - Analysing impacts of point-spread function on microscope images


Jorge Garcia Condado (4th year MEng), Maximilian Noka (4th year MEng), Soham Garg (4th year MEng)